Grokking Technology


As I get older, my ability to remember the tips and tweaks I discover during development sessions gets worse and worse. This is very frustrating! It means that I have to keep searching for the same information through the Internet or my own code. The greater the time between needing a tip and trying to recollect sometimes means I cannot re-find the answer.

So, I started this site as a way of reminding myself of all the really useful tips that other people on the Internet have been generous enough to share. I use other mechanisms too of course; such as a very complex network of browser bookmarks. Still, simple pages are the best way and sometimes, just creating such a page is enough to get the technique lodged permanently in my head.

And of course, I can then share all these tips back on to the Internet.

I hope you find this information useful.

This site does not support comments anymore; over the years, I only received one real comment and far too much spam. If you want to offer a comment or just contact me, please do so by email.

Page created on Sun 25 Apr 2021 by Andy Ferguson